Fearless February - Let's Kick Anxiety to the C.U.R.B. - Week 3

R = Relaxation

“Relax – Repeat”

Learning to relax is imperative in conquering anxiety, stress and panic attacks. There are many ways to get into a relaxed state. My preferred method, naturally, is therapeutic watercolor painting. My painting puts me in a peaceful, calm, relaxed mood. Whether I paint for 15 minutes or an hour, I always reap some sort of calming benefit from it.

Try painting or one of my other favorite activities below.

Take up yoga! There are thousands of yoga videos for all levels of experience on YouTube. Do a couple of poses, or a full yoga flow!

Take a bath! Put some lavender essential oil in your bath water and breathe in that calming aroma. Let the warmth of the water relax every muscle in your body.

Have a cup of tea! Chamomile, peppermint, or green tea are known to be calming. Sip your tea in your favorite chair!

Do an activity you enjoy and help relieve your stress. Adding self-care to your daily schedule is very important and, I feel, very necessary to keep stress-free, calm and happy.

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