My "Why"

Oh watercolor painting I love you so. You make me feel so relaxed and calm. I love the feeling when my brush touches the paper with all the beautiful colors from my palette. I love to see the colors and water flow into each other and watch what happens. I find myself totally engrossed in the task at hand. I could be creating a detailed painting or just making some colorful swirls - it always makes me feel the same way. Relaxed, calm, and at peace. I can tune out the outside world and forget about my stressors and anxiety. It is time I need so badly to enjoy the rest of my life.

As a child, my mother raised us to be afraid of the world. “Danger lurks around every corner. People are mean and evil.” As an adult I know these things are just not true; however, the damage was done. Her statements circulated in my head. They still do.

Not surprisingly, I was a very anxious child. Luckily I loved crafts. Luckily I had a babysitter who taught me how to crochet. Luckily the mother of my best friend taught me how to knit. But most important of all, luckily I had art teachers in school that introduced me to all sorts of things.

In my youth I dabbled with watercolor painting but I never had the right supplies. I would use the cheap pan paints you get at Walmart with the crappy plastic brush and paint on copier paper. Needless to say, I had bad results which turned me off watercolor painting. As I got older, I would revisit watercolor time and again with the same results. Also, as I got older, my anxiety worsened, and my panic attacks began. I sought treatment and was able to live a mostly normal life. I married and raised two wonderful kids.

This past spring, I was browsing through YouTube and came across some watercolor tutorials. I watched in awe as the artists created simple but beautiful works of art. I headed to the craft store and purchased some inexpensive watercolor supplies and decided to paint along. OH MY GOD what a difference the right paint and paper make!! I had successful painting after successful painting. I was OBSESSED.

While the crocheting and knitting were calming activities, I didn’t have to be laser focused while doing it. I could watch TV, have conversations, dwell on my stress and anxiety. With watercolor painting I am totally engrossed. I don’t even listen to music. I just concentrate on every brush stroke. I created a tiny studio for myself in a large closet in a spare bedroom. It is my sanctuary. It is my happy place.

It has been seven months since I became obsessed with watercolor painting. I paint every day. Maybe for 10 minutes, maybe for hours. Each session creates the same feelings for me: calm, peace, happiness, accomplishment.

That is why I paint. For the enjoyment and the healing it brings to my mental health!! Join me and give it a try. You won’t be sorry. Download my Getting Started Guide and use Promo Code WatercolorGuide and get if for free. Get started. Do it for you!!

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